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APIS Automated Well Heads and Header Monitors 

Advanced Landfill Gas Technology - Apis Innovation's device places every component required for precision gas system tuning on each gas well in a solar-powered, wireless, self-contained, and practically maintenance-free package.

Apis Innovation is an industry leader in landfill gas management technology.

Technical and mechanical expertise combine with decades of landfill experience to produce effective, intuitive products that are built for the field.

Our wireless, solar-powered, self-contained units seamlessly sample and transmit data to the Apis Dashboard, granting you 24/7 access to invaluable information about your gas quality and site health from your smartphone, tablet, or pc.

Furthermore, enable our patented autotune feature to make your day-to-day site management easier, smoother, and smarter.

Apis technology is constantly evolving as we learn what works and what works better. 

Join us as we pave the way toward smarter landfill gas management.


Real-time data.
All in one place.

Welcome to the Apis Dashboard

From the moment an Apis device is installed, our specialized software begins gathering data on an hourly basis and compiling it for easy viewing on the Apis Dashboard.

 Use the Dashboard to establish history to look back on, view stats at your leisure, and even pinpoint problems with gas quality or wellhead integrity.


An added bonus: Reports can be auto-generated and alerts are automated according to the parameters you set.  

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